Francois and eCOP: The image story

French domain investor Francois Carrillo shares his story about how he chose the domain name for the domain escrow service he provides, at his blog

The image used at is very memorable, as much as the domain itself. Francois mentions that he went through a lengthy research for the owner of the image, in order to purchase rights for its use:

So I decided I absolutely wanted this photo for my site.
This way when people visit, they will not immediately forget the site.
The challenge was to find who was the owner and had the right on this artistic photo. After a deep search I found he was:
S. Demmitt, a photographer from Los Angeles. I contacted him to negotiate the rights to use it for my site.
The negotiation was friendly, and we quickly found a deal of mutual interest.

It took me two minutes to locate the eCOP image’s creator, using a little known online service called

One can upload an image or link to its URL and TinEye will provide other existing variants and matches.

The service also exists as a browser plugin (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Chrome) with which you can right-click on an image on a web page and TinEye will search for it.

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