Global Domain Report 2023: Expert analysis including my positions

InterNetX and Sedo are sister companies under the United Internet AG umbrella and often collaborate on domain industry reports. This year, the Global Domain Report “2023 edition” presents data, metrics, and expert analysis produced by the two companies.

I’m truly impressed by the report’s presentation, wealth of information, and visually pleasing production. It’s the domain industry’s quintessential “almanac” that even non-industry professionals can process and benefit from.

For this edition of the Global Domain Report 2023, I was asked to present my views and projects. Some were included, alongside those of fellow domain industry professionals and I feel honored by that inclusion.

Here are my statements that were included in the Global Domain Report 2023 that can be downloaded for free.

What were the domain industry’s highlights and challenges in 2022?

The overall domain economy is improving as companies understand the importance of a great domain for their brand. Businesses are acquiring premium domain names to create a strong digital brand.

What was your domain-related highlight in 2022?

As a domain investor in 2022, I was able to achieve domain sales leveraging a variety of sales channels, offering higher prices and overcoming the lower volume in sales.

What is your forecast for the domain industry in 2023?

Investors should remain optimistic; as with every industry, a long term plan is necessary to overcome market downturns.

With the end of Q1/2023 looming fast, we’re on a good course for a big year in 2023!

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