GoDaddy broke one great Uniregistry feature I liked

One of the many great features I liked at Uniregistry was its support system.

The acquisition of Uniregistry by GoDaddy has broken that part, and it’s a big loss in my opinion.

For starters, the GoDaddy ticketing system is by email only. It creates an email chain that includes unnecessary elements like signature graphics, HTML code, and the overall effect is a bloated experience.

One keeps replying to an email—an unsafe medium—to share account credentials over, for example. The Uniregistry ticket system was over a secure protocol that allowed for safe communication.

Not only has the transition switched Uniregistry support to an inferior ticketing system, but the old tickets are plain gone: no links to five years worth of tickets, bug reports, and excellent support—it’s all gone.

I had great expectations when GoDaddy announced the Uniregistry deal in February, but I think Uni domain registrants are getting the short end of the deal.


  1. Yes, its not the same anymore. Cannot look any estibots valuations for my domain names anymore in my account.
    Checking whois in my account only works about 50%. Only have a few hundred domains, but don’t know if I stay.
    I am sorry to say I think UNI is going down. Expected as much, have to say.
    Still, wish Frank Schilling all the best. Not his fault.

  2. Jurgen – You are correct, the Estibot appraisal tool is broken too.

  3. When I first signed up to Uni, I had the feeling that it was a forward-thinking service, ahead of the pack representing some cutting edge ideas. I liked it so much, that I also signed up for their’s affiliate service (which was shut down).

    Contrary to comments from Theo and Jurgen, I would say it’s still too early to jump ship… BUT, I seriously doubt we can expect new and unique ideas that were brought by the initial Uniregistry team.

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