GoDaddy is on the right path

It took a lot of effort for GoDaddy to provide a token report of sales, earlier today. Personally, I lost track of time; was it really in 2015 such numbers were last shared?

Although the format isn’t perfect – very small sample of sales, four month delayed release of the monthly report – you can thank Jamie Zoch of dotWeekly for seeking such important statistics from GoDaddy’s sales. And it’s real sales that drive the domain industry forward.

Public companies such as GoDaddy do have a lot more to be careful about. Such reports can define performance even when the total amount involved is minuscule compared, for example, to earnings from domain registrations and renewals, hosting, and all the other services that GoDaddy provides to millions of customers.

But it’s all for the benefit of the domain industry. Thanks to the acquisition of Uniregistry the processes are running on well-greased gears. Experienced brokers deliver results regardless of the platform used, and seeing these reported sales is a huge boost for domain investors and the industry.

See you in November, after the quarterly earnings report.

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