GoDaddy pays fast

Three days ago I described my experience with the GoDaddy “Domain Buy Offer” service, outlining the process and how smoothly it went.

As I prefer to offer the bulk of my domain portfolio via Domain Name Sales, I was skeptical initially.

It all comes down to agreeing on a price, after all, and by achieving a 30x ROI, I can safely say that mission was well-accomplished.

Today, I received notification that the funds are in my account. As the transfer was done using the direct deposit / ACH method, there are no bank fees, and no commission to be paid; the latter is taken care of by the buyer.

In the future, I will keep an open mind on such offers coming via GoDaddy, and I’d recommend this approach to others.


  1. I didn’t use godaddy buy service, but another offer service, and they said they had to hold funds for 15 days, the party did pay via credit card over $5k though.

  2. If you want to sell domains you have to be in
    godaddy/afternic. The former owns the latter.
    These companies very often outsell competitors by numbers and
    money for any time period. I can always call afternic escrow and get personal help. Godaddy is the biggest registrar. More than once after selling a domain I’ve asked afternic escrow when will I be paid via paypal?
    The answer is often…in an hour and a half! Yes Acro,
    Godaddy does pay fast.

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