Goodbye Eudora, hello Thunderbird

Today I gave up on an old friend, and surprisingly enough I don’t feel awfully bad about it. But after 18 years, it’s about time to move on to something new.

I had to read that number – “18” – again; it’s been that long since 1994, when I used Eudora as my email client for the first time, on Windows 3.1 no less. Back then, it was a huge move up from Mail and Pine, both of which I utilized in Unix systems.

And now, Eudora has to go because it can’t cope well with the 50,000+ emails I’ve accumulated over the years; its mailbox crashes often led to data loss which I compensated for with regular back-ups.

Although Eudora has an open source variant, named ‘Penelope‘, it is not supported by Mozilla. The obvious solution: use Mozilla Thunderbird; a stable, often updated, free email client with all the bells and whistles one needs. For the record, I would never touch Microsoft Outlook with a ten foot pole.

Thunderbird is quiet, efficient, fast and offers plenty a method to organize, search and manage my sizable stack of emails. It offers several quality add-ons, themes and plug-ins.

Hopefully, I’ll keep Thunderbird for the next 18 years as well.


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