Grassroots movements move any industry forward

The propelling force of any industry, domaining included, is the people that form it.

Beyond any unions, organizations, associations and clubs, the core of any industry is what constitutes the grassroots movement it’s defined by.

The domain industry is not an exception, and this is witnessed daily in the wide variety of scope and focus, by people who are otherwise socially and even financially disconnected.

Domaining is a process that touches onto many different industries; it’s almost a self-defined approach to investing, buying, selling, monetizing and developing domain assets.

As with every other industry it borders, domaining relies on marketing and branding to achieve and deliver innovation. The expansion of the Internet domain lanes is not the purpose, but rather, the medium of a global transformation of how products and services will be designed and promoted for the best part of the 21st century.

Grassroots movements have the benefit of needing little explanation about their fundamentals; they are inherently shared and understood. Although the processes involved in domaining aren’t fully aware by everyone, the movement itself should have enough velocity to peak outside of any industry constraints.

Next time that you have the opportunity to be part of an event, gathering, or pilot conference that reaches outside of the domaining sphere – do it; you will gain a valuable amount of interactively shared information measured in human years.

The domain industry is not a closed system, and as such one has to understand its mechanics and potential, before taking some bold steps forward.

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