Great drop-catching alternative: You can catch domains using has been my go-to domain registrar for several months now. Transitioning away from GoDaddy-operated properties such as Uniregistry, is my personal and professional decision, based on extensive use and understanding of the domain industry.

Disclaimer: Sav sponsors my publication DomainGang but as a full time user of their services, capable of evaluating the quality of service, I stand by my personal opinion. This is not an ad placement or paid article.

Currently, just under 50% of my portfolio is at and I will continue transferring domains there when they approach renewal time. I’m very happy with the improvements of the Sav system and I’ve heard more great news is coming up, regarding customer-centric add-ons.

Did you know you can use to backorder domain names?

Typically, I bid on DropCatch or SnapNames for domains that it’s clear there will be a lot of competition on; they are either truly massive traffic carriers or have already received bids.

Instead of spending $59 dollars at DropCatch for a domain name that you’d potentially be the sole bidder, skip that and head over to where that same domain will cost you less than $9 bucks, essentially the cost of a registration fee. Note: this amount is for .com, the cost of other TLDs may vary.

Here’s a detailed description of the Sav services that will backorder domain names for you; the article was written in 2021 so pricing is a bit off.

I began using the domain backorder system this week and I’m impressed.

As soon as the backordered domains dropped, they were caught by Sav and I received a notification email a few minutes later. I can now spend that extra $50 dollars per .com domain towards a bunch of domain transfers to Sav! 🙂

Here’s the direct link at to place backorders. It requires that you are logged into your account.

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