Happy Birthday, Uniregistry

It’s been a year since Uniregistry opened up its gates, as a modern domain registrar; instead of relying on outdated technology, it was built from the ground up to provide efficient domain registrations.

As part of the beta-testing team, I assisted with the improvement of UX functionality, and squashed a few bugs prior to the launch. It was a fun three weeks, trying to break things on purpose.

Currently, I use Uniregistry for the majority of my new domain registrations, and I transfer domains there, when they are due for renewal at other registrars.

Someone asked me why I don’t move all my domains there en masse, and that’s something I’ve never done when considering alternate registrars. I’ve always transitioned out gradually, instead of paying thousands of dollars all at once. I hope it makes sense.

That being said, I do recommend that domain investors give Uniregistry a thorough test drive before committing, and to also contact the sales department in order to secure bulk or reseller pricing.

In the year that passed since the launch of Uniregistry, the domain market has matured and we are seeing more and more the importance of a solid domain registry to how one manages traditional TLDs or the new gTLDs as well.



  1. It is an awesome registrar. Looking forward to seeing the Domain Name Sales integration

  2. Michael Ward says

    Thank you for the kind words Theo! It has been an exciting year. We continue to make updates and improvements to our registrar. We look forward to rolling out new features for our customers and to celebrating many more birthdays!

    Michael Ward
    Director of Registrar Operations

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