Having Escrow.com issues? A phonecall can help resolve them

As a long-term customer of Escrow.com I’m very happy with the quality of service they provide.

Later this year, it’ll be 16 years since I first used Escrow.com in a domain-related transaction, and while that makes me marvel at how fast time flies by, it reinforces my trust in the service.

No matter how great a service might be, there are times that individual care is necessary. When emails don’t resolve the issue, calling Escrow.com will put one in direct contact with their support system.

These days, I use the Escrow.com Concierge service exclusively. It simplifies the process of exchanging domains for money, and it’s the safest method now that GDPR has forced changes to the data in the WHOIS system.

When I had to call in for a small hiccup in the process, the Escrow.com support personnel was friendly, understanding and despite me having an underlying irritation in my tone, they handled the issue with 100% professionalism. My waiting time was short, the communication between the departments involved was swift, and the issue was resolved in 15 minutes total call time.

So here’s a tip: email doesn’t always resolve issues promptly, because things are getting queued.

By picking up the phone, one is able to communicate directly and expand on the details of the issue, without having to wait as long. I’m certain the issue would have been resolved by the following day, had I waited for the email process instead, but the phone support did so in a matter of minutes.

Note: While Escrow.com is a sponsor of my publication DomainGang.com, this is an honest review, and it reflects my personal experience as a customer.

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