Is DomCollect/Sedo spamming its domain portfolio?

I’m currently on a sabbatical, and thoroughly enjoying the pace at which I choose to conduct business.

Surely, it’s nice having sales complete via Domain Name Sales / without much interaction on my part, but I can’t be bothered with the usual spam inquiries trying to sell me junk.

One such email caught my attention, primarily because the sender, emailing me from “” and an IP that points to the proxy servers provided by a well-known domainer, was trying to sell me a .eu domain.

Now, some TLDs are worthless regardless of the keywords, and .eu is pretty much dead. What makes this one interesting, is that upon checking the WHOIS info at the registrant info is that of DomCollect, sister company of Sedo.

I am not sure if DomCollect owns the domain as part of brokering a sale, or whether it’s part of their domain portfolio; either way, I’m not willing to continue receiving such junk from proxyfied peddlers using Gmail addresses.

Ten months after moving away from Sedo, I have no desire to to interact with a company that might be spamming in order to make a sale.




  1. Actually I think these are scammers that are trying to rip off deceivable domainers/buyers trying to sell names that they don’t own. I was contacted by these when they offered .com while I own same keyword .net. The price was ridiculously low – like $200 or something, but WHOIS information and their contact information was different and somehow they disappeared after I asked couple more question about the domain 🙂 I guess this could be same guys that offer those scam domain appraisals – that everyone (in the industry) knows and none is buying this anymore

  2. Arseny – I have no doubt that this was indeed DomCollect/Sedo spamming their worthless inventory of .eu domains. The timing of this (now closed) sales thread on DNForum isn’t a coincidence:

  3. NewsJournal says

    Nice article!

    Sedo, yes they are spammers. They are using parked domains to send out spams.

    You should search for the chanel “Marc Abigmess” on Youtube and watch the videos.

    Sedo is owned by Paul Fawell in MA. In fact, we contacted Sedo and a few other criminals about their activities…none of them, wish to answer to our question.

    Here are a few companies that are breaking the law.

    Demand Media ( eNom, Directi, Livestrong, )
    Network Solutions
    Uniregistry (linkz, hostingnet, sevenmile, iregistry, namedia, domainnamesales)

    The story is organized crime, money laundry and fraud.

    All of those companies will be facing the justice.

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