Kudos to Escrow.com for salvaging a domain sale on my behalf

I can’t thank Escrow.com enough for salvaging a domain sale for me, recently.

It all started with an agreed upon sale via the Uniregistry Market. The domain, a single word .ORG, was sold to a Chinese buyer who then disappeared once I started escrow.

Communications via the Uniregistry messaging system rendered the occasional response, affirming the buyer’s intentions to proceed with payment, but not completing the escrow process, and days went by.

There was no language barrier, as the Hong Kong based buyer seemed to be fluid in English. The phone numbers provided were contacted by Escrow.com to assist with the verification process but nobody would pick up.

Eventually, the escrow timed out, and I gave up hope on a nice sale that’d buy me 1/2 a Bitcoin at the time. I canceled the transaction at the Uniregistry Market, and was preparing to request their blocking as a deadbeat buyer, when they reached out again.

I asked Escrow.com to try one more time to establish contact via the phone, and they did. Leat Ahrony speaks Mandarin, and she said the buyer really “opened up” once she talked to them in their native language, although their command of English was equally good.

The new escrow closed in no time, and the buyer even thanked me for such a quick transaction – a bit ironic, since I “chased” them for three weeks.

Even for experienced domain investors, patience can run short, and I am grateful to Escrow.com, Leat and the other Escrow.com personnel involved, for helping close this sale for me.


  1. Congrats.
    Seriously, congrats.

    What an awesome feeling it must have been, especially after you were so close to deleting this guys email address. It does really suck to have any cancelled transactions at all there. Ive had it happen a few times at Escrow where the buyer just gets lost. I even had a brand new buyer go thru 2 tiers of the verification process, then poof – gone before completing tier 3, wtf???

    Nice way to enter the Holiday Season.

    Leat, you are the man!
    Great job Escrow.com
    Now who do we talk tl about giving Leat a raise???
    Jackson… 🙂

  2. Vito – Thanks. Leat is great. SHE is great. 😀

    Escrow.com went above and beyond the call of duty with this one.

  3. Leat, my apologies!
    You are the Woman!!!

    Doesnt have the same zing…lol

    but you are awesome for reaching out that one more time to help complete a sale!

  4. Hong Kong people their native language is Cantonese, not Mandarin. Most HK’ers are fluent in Mandarin tho.

    Either way, thumbs up for Escrow.com

  5. Congrats, Theo! What a journey… and profitable ending. Glad for you!

  6. Doron – Thanks for the clarification. Leat said she spoke Mandarin to the buyer. I can only say “xie xie ni.” 😀

    Alvin – Thank you kindly. And it was great to meet up at MERGE! in Orlando.

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