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Let’s face it: our day is long, tiring and full of unpleasant things. We need some good, wholesome fun to take away the daily stress.

To get away from the daily monotony we need some parody, some mindless reading, some quirky info about nothing in particular. Domainers are in a serious business – we’ll be doing some fun things with a serious approach in mind.

So, welcome to;  if you giggle or spurt your coffee over some of the stuff you’ll be reading here, then that means we do our job right.



  1. Excellent!

  2. Excellent work 🙂

  3. Did you spurt your coffee? 😀

  4. who pays my dry cleaning bill from the coffee stains:)

  5. Hey Bruce – try decaf next time LOL 😀

  6. lol nice work Theo 😉

  7. Thanks Jay. I thought a little bit of humor will give domainers some positive boost for the day 🙂

  8. Great idea! There are some hilarious stories on there already, good job!

  9. Great and funny idea.


  10. Thank you for DomainGang! I had a good laugh! And you have observed the domainers’ world well, the parody is nicely done – so close to real life!

  11. I’m loving what you are doing with it. It’s blocked at work (yup, day job); thank god (Steve Jobs, if you ask him) for my IPhone.

    DomainGang = Levity dosed PRN (as needed).

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