Lead capture as a domain monetization strategy – by Tia Wood

I read a very informative and full of substance blog post today, from fellow domainer and web developer, Tia Wood. It offers a concise analysis of a strategy often overlooked by domainers, who opt to park their domains: Lead capture.

Tia explains what the two basic categories of lead capture, incoming and outgoing, are about. Remarkably, it appears that PPC companies are acting simply as middle men to large advertising feeds, such as Google and Yahoo, without taking advantage of the sheer amount of traffic that passes daily through these channels.

Imagine that you went to a fish-rich bay with a huge fishing net that has holes sized for large fish: you’d let the majority of the fish pass through. In a similar manner, your daily traffic passing through the parking pages offered by PPC companies has little chances of being captured – either for analysis or for generating sales leads.

I have found that the simple insertion of a contact link at parked pages, e.g. at a domain parked via Parked.com can both capture and generate leads: you can track visits, clicks and offer a contact form for further inquiries from non-domainer visitors.

But read on, at Tia’s blog.


  1. Nice article, Acro. Tia is great!

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