Meta meaning: How to use “meta” correctly with domains and words

Domains that begin with “meta” are extremely popular currently; the Greek prefix is very easy to pronounce and write, for a change.

Using letters that are common between the Greek and Latin alphabets helps, no doubt, along with the consonant/vowel/consonant/vowel (CVCV) structure.

Today I’ll share the meanings of “meta” and its uses in the Greek language, to better understand what types of “meta domains” make sense to register or acquire.

On its own, the word “μετά” (met’a) means “after.” Notice that the tone falls on the second syllable. This is a stand alone word, used for a positional or time placement of something that comes after some other event or item.

As a prefix, “meta-” loses its tonal value that is transferred to a syllable of the word that follows. As the first component or prefix of a word that describes the second component, “meta” denotes one of the following:

  • That something occurs or takes place after some other event: Meteklogikos (μετεκλογικός) Post-election.
  • That something is placed or positioned next, past of, or beyond something else, or in-between: Methorios (μεθόριος) On the edge or limit of two adjacent areas.
  • Indicating transition, transfer, or change of location: Metafora (μεταφορά) Transfer, transportation.
  • Indicating repetition of an action or event: Metapolisi (μεταπώληση) Resale.
  • Denoting change: Metamorphosis (μεταμόρφωση) Transformation.
  • Denoting participation: Meteho (μετέχω) I participate.
  • Denoting a stance or position in opposition: Μεταμοντερνισμός (Metamodernism.)

Quite a few things to take in, I bet! The Greek language is versatile and transcends a wide spectrum of ancient, modern, and invented words.

So what types of domains fit the “meta” prefix?

Obviously, domains that create a new meaning for the resulting word, and not just a combo of “meta” plus any random word.

Also, domains formed from words that one might remove an existing prefix and substitute it with “meta-” to create a new meaning: Universe becomes Metaverse.

Yes, it’s the “metaverse” reference that more or less started the craze about the recent popularity of meta domains. Facebook is pushing for it, seeking to drop the “social media” moniker and acquire a more tech/edgy and futuristic angle. And that being the “meta” phase of Facebook, you could call it Metaface.

Good luck with your meta domain sales and acquisitions.

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