NameCheap : No option to expedite domain transfers out

One of the most frustrating characteristics of domain transfers, is the inability to expedite them to the gaining registrar.

It’s the year 2015, a full decade since EPP / authentication codes were introduced to authorize an inter-registrar transfer, and yet, some domain registrars ignore the progress made since.

NameCheap is one of those registrars, and I’ve used them only coincidentally – when domains I acquire are already with them.

As far as I know, NameCheap is an eNom reseller and as such offer no phone support either.

But the issue I primarily have is when I explicitly authorize (accept) a domain transfer away from NameCheap through their emailed form, only to watch them sit on my authorization for a full 5 days and a half.

Indeed, it’s not as if NameCheap doesn’t offer competitive pricing or other perks, and I like their security email notifications for account activity, or the ability to only accept pushes with a key. But all this is negated, in my book, when I cannot speed up a domain transfer out, after I provide my full credentials: password and authorization to proceed.

Perhaps one of the fastest and most efficient domain transfers away is implemented by GoDaddy.

It’s ironic, that the biggest domain registrar in the world is offering a convenient process to lose domains. Then again, customer service is what matters most to any healthy domain business.


  1. They do not offer this important feature for domainers:

  2. Even the new wonderful makes you wait 36 hours…

  3. Francois – I’ve contacted support via phone and they approved the transfers out.

    James – I’ve yet to transfer domains out of Uniregistry, but 36 hours is better than 132.

  4. Acro – Agreed, 36 is better than 132 however it should be instant when both registrars approve.

  5. What I said, people who do not speak english (so cannot call the suport) cannot accelerate the transfer at because the option is not available online like Uniregistry, GoDaddy,, …

  6. James – My point exactly. When I check the box to authorize the transfer at NameCheap – which is not needed – there is no expedited transfer out. I assume that the Uniregistry version of expedited transfers is 36 hours versus none at NameCheap.

    Francois – I understand that there is an issue with non-English speakers. I believe support also uses Spanish? What is your preferred registrar in France by the way?

  7. My last sale of a name I had at namecheap took 9 days.

    I was selling a domain to a fortune 200 company and had to explain to them why the transfer was taking so long, over, and over and over again.

    I had 4 or 5 customer service chats and got passed around, contacted enom, (which didnt even respond to my email until about 2 weeks later confirming after the transfer had been completed), contacted namecheap management by email (who never replied).

    I have a couple of domains waiting to be able to transfer out, but after this experience, I’m no longer dealing with them on domains I plan on selling.

    I have had great transfer experiences with Godaddy, Dynadot,, and, Pheenix on quick transfers out.

    I have a couple of names at namepal which I havent tried to transfer yet.

  8. Thanks for your feedback and those of others. Just wanted to let you know we’ve listened and while this was instituted for security reasons I agree that it causes a burden on domainers and domain traders due to the time issues. That being said, as of yesterday, the 5 day waiting period has been removed from all transfers away from from Namecheap to 0 days. The best way to approach this is to beef up our already great internal security with even more 2fa options. Thanks again for pushing this issue forward and your feedback. Richard K. CEO Namecheap

  9. Kenwrotethis says

    Update: It’s now 2018 and I hadn’t received a transfer confirmation email from Namecheap in many hours. Support told me that 5 days is the standard.

    It seems the ‘0 days’ policy mentioned by Richard Kirkendall (above) has changed.

    At least Namecheap support was helpful and released the domain right away.

  10. Just ran into the same issue. Talked to chat. If you click the link in the email, which it tells you only to click if you want to REJECT the transfer, it will actually give you an APPROVE button which will release it immediately.

  11. What Joe said!

    This has the be one of the most cunning shit I have ever seen.

    The email clearly says click on the link to REJECT the transfer. However when you click on the link it lets you approve or reject. If you click approve then its transferred immediately.

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