NamesCon: A perfect 10 of a domain conference

NamesCon officially closed its gates yesterday, and while waiting for my flight out of Vegas, I will share a few quick thoughts with those that attended, and those that did not.

The organizational part: it exceeded everyone’s expectations, mine included, by far. Thanks to the commitment and hard work of Richard Lau’s team, including Jodi Chamberlain and Jothan Frakes, the domain conference delivered everything that was promised, and more.

The networking part: having lost my voice several times, I can assure everyone that I enjoyed conversing in private and at the two panels that I was on. The networking flowed naturally, the engagement was honest and detailed, and the numerous industry partners, presenters and associates did a great presentation of their products and services.

The discussions/panels part: never before was there such a packed domain conference where the entire agenda catered to everything important in the domain industry today. Already at a pivoting point about the oncoming expansion of brands and gTLDs, I am quite convinced that the discussions and numerous sessions gave everyone present the direction they need.

The entertainment part: it’s Vegas, and the fun flowed naturally. NamesCon provided the platform and the people had a fantastic time, sharing their vision and positive energy; the distancing from energy-draining negativity powered up everyone regardless of age, every single night. No, I did not gamble but I did dance a lot.

I want to thank everyone I met during the NamesCon conference and everyone involved in setting up the best, biggest, and brightest new domain conference of the year. A new standard has been cast.

See you all at NamesCon 2015.


  1. Exactly, NamesCon was executed masterfully and provided great value for attendees. It was great meeting you Theo!

  2. Theo,

    Agreed. The conference was EXCELLENT.

    Too bad we didn’t run into each other!


  3. It was a pleasure meeting you there Theo!

  4. Agreed Theo, was good meeting you and definitely a conference that restored the energy (at least for me) in the domain space.

  5. It was a pleasure guys. Thank you for connecting in person as well. My extended hello to Elliot Silver, who despite being sick as a dog did plenty of “elbow” high fives. 😀

  6. Wish I could have made it! Since you’ve already committed to 2015, I will too and will look forward to meeting you then!

  7. I completely agree, NamesCon was a complete home run for the presenters. Great sessions and speakers, fun receptions, and a balanced agenda that clearly embraced the tidal wave of new gTLDs without neglecting pure .com domain investors. It was great meeting you, and I look forward to the next one!

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