Never put all your domain eggs in one TLD basket

When it comes down to investing in stocks, one thing you learn fast is never to bid all your money on one stock.

Unlike horse racing and gambling, investing in the stock market is a matter of researching both fundamentals and trends.

The same rules apply to the domain market.

When one invests in new TLDs based on emotion or one’s like or dislike towards the trends of the market, eventually things can turn upside down.

Putting all your eggs in one basket – as the old saying goes – is not the best way to learn, but many domainers have learned that lesson the hard way.

While it’s tempting to register every keyword under the sun in a new TLD, one should invest in single digit percentages in relation to their total portfolio. For example, if you own 100 domains don’t go getting more than 10 newTLD ones or you might end up losing the proverbial skin off your back.

Similarly, when the market doesn’t seem to move the way you hoped, don’t go around blaming anyone other than yourself for that type of investment mistake!

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