Never underestimate the underdog!

The big news of the day is the sale for a staggering $3.1 million dollars. The Castello brothers need no introduction, but the person who manifested the sale could use a bit more publicity.

Toronto Domainer brokered this incredible sale to the German buyers; as a DNForum member he fought since 2005 to establish his vision about domain names, and often received scorn for being vocal about it. Haters even went as far as to post a bunch of crap online, attempting to force him to shut down his blog.

At DNForum, alpha type personalities often clash; there are some great people there though, and those that were trouble-making time-wasters have long been kicked out.

Being an underdog, someone who has very few privileges against the big crowd, has its benefits. Nobody sees you coming when you land the big deal, and the $310k dollar commission for the brokerage is one sweet reminder of that.

Having bought and successfully flipped aged domains from Toronto Domainer’s portfolio, I am even happier seeing him receive such a great and worthy reward. Hard work always pays off, whether you raise chickens or pick the best eggs.

I’ve always professed that people should stick to their guns and ignore the white noise of naysayers and unbelievers. Success comes when you love what you do, and you do what you love.

Congratulations to Toronto Domainer for this remarkable deal. You’ve done well, kid. 😀


  1. Theo, you’ve always been supportive and always been an online friend… I appreciate your support and look forward to meeting you at one of the Domain Conferences sooner than later 🙂

  2. Leonard Britt says

    Congrats to TD and the Castello Brothers!

  3. TorontoDomainer – It’s all about hard work and keeping your focus despite what others yap about. Can’t truly say how happy I am for you! Not just for the money, but for the achievement. Hope to meet at some point, won’t be going to Domainfest unfortunately.

    Leonard – Great people make great things happen!

  4. Wow. Great article. Congratulations to all of the parties involved! There is always someone who likes whisky even more than you do.

  5. Gary – I don’t like whisky as a drink, but if I had made that sale, I would not be sober for a month. 😀

  6. Aaron Strong says

    AWESOME!!! I am going to celebrate as this couldn’t happen to a more “classy” team….When good triumphs everyone succeeds…

  7. Great to see a Canadian connection in a big domain sale, yet again! There must be something in the water up here…

  8. Awesome sale, congrats on the huge payday for both David and Michael and TD!

  9. A really inspiring story this one. Many congrats Toronto Domainer – now to invest and build your own super-portfolio.

  10. @acro, I like it that you look at it from a different perspective. Now, will TorontoDomainer tell us the rest of the story about how he did it? Great story.

  11. Congrats to TorontoDomainer. A nice guy and someone that works hard to make things happen.

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