New beginnings for the new year

It’s almost over – the year 2013, that is.

Time to reflect, to assess, to plan ahead.

While the year’s identification is just a number, the 365 days it contains – give or take a day – is your life.

Learn from the previous year’s mistakes, and try not to repeat them. Share the lessons you’ve learned with others, for free.

Value your family, friends, colleagues. Fall in love with a dog.

Turn losses into gains; mourning into joy; hatred into understanding. Share these qualities whenever you can.

Climb a mountain, the air is thinner up there. Your mind will expand to absorb it all in. Conquer the peaks, and you will appreciate the plateaus.

Dive into the oceans and risk getting lost for a while, the womb you were born from will always welcome you – in the form of the sea.

Plant a tree, and nourish it. In 20 years it will provide you with plenty of shade, and in the process it will be there to remind you that you left a mark on this earth.

Be constructive, stay positive, enjoy your year. Every day of it.


  1. Well said.

  2. Merry Christmas!

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