No budget? No holiday shopping for domain names

‘Tis the season that domain inquiries increase; for many, the festive mood appears to be an excuse to place lowball offers.

While there are discounts on physical products from Thanksgiving onward, one would be a fool to discount domain names during the best part of the year.

Summers are typically slow with domain investors. The holiday season increases the volume of inquiries, and often, sales. As an anecdote of sorts, I have closed on domain deals while shopping for late Christmas presents at the mall.

The tire-kicking attitude of some, that might be “ok” to deal with throughout the year, is not ok during the holidays.

Simply put: if you don’t have the budget, don’t go shopping for premium domains.

In recent days, I’m amazed by the number of entrepreneurs that are still thinking about a name when they are placing an offer – but have yet to decide on it – and thus demand domain discounts to the tune of 90% off.

Holidays are, for obvious reasons, some of the best time of the year. Getting family and friends together can be expanded nicely by landing a sizable domain sale. Do not allow Grinch type inquiries to ruin the spirit for you.

Happy Holidays.


  1. leonard britt says

    Had an inquiry. This week on an aged two-word. Com
    Started at high $xxx but I am looking for low $xxxx and not interested in negotiating.

    On one of his counters I compared the pricing to that of bitcoin.

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