Nobody at Google knows what’s going on with parking issues

As I’ve been testing a handful of domains at, a situation with one particular domain – – turned up.

Simply put, while traffic is minimal, 50% of the time that I tested for optimization purposes, no ads showed up, unlike in the past, according to snapshots captured by Screenshots – the free service by DomainTools.

After opening a ticket with VooDoo support, they escalated the matter with Google. I soon forgot about it and did not check back until a month later.

Turns out that Google support are scratching their heads as well, not sure what’s going on.

One response in particular was relayed to me verbatim:

“Also one general suggestions is for domains has very few traffic, it would be better if the domain owner check the ads less often. Suppose the owner check the ads daily and don’t click (click is not allowed), the system will consider ads is not good and reduce ads returned. “

Other than being grammatically incorrect and syntactically incoherent, the response by the Google tech is nonsensical. According to Google, fewer ads will be displayed when the ratio of clicks to visits decreases. In the case of this domain, there are very few clicks but half the time that I tested, there were no ads whatsoever.

This is the only domain I’ve witnessed such odd results with, when parked at a purely Google ad stream and I’m not convinced by Google’s response that they know what’s going on.

Per VooDoo’s suggestion I will move the domain back to Sedo, where the secondary ad channel is Yahoo’s feed.

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