Oscar night: gTLDs are like chick flicks

Oscar night tonight, and while the event isn’t always spectacular, there are plenty of movies worth reviewing.

I’ve gone through the list of nominees, and I will provide my favorites, based on movies that I personally watched.

The world of movie preferences varies, in the same way that some like this or the other domain, or TLD.

In the end, you don’t *have* to watch a chick flick, unless you’re on a hot date. Then, you will not only watch it, but you will learn to love it. Guaranteed.

Here are my choices for the main Oscar categories:

  • Best picture: Her
    Brilliantly executed, not overly futuristic representation of a sense-rich future. Great acting and cinematography.
  • Best actor in a leading role: Leonardo DiCaprio / The Wolf of Wall Street
    Even if you hate DiCaprio, his performance was outstanding. Captured the essence of decadence.
  • Best actress in a leading role: Amy Adams / American Hustle
    Her role was decisive in the success of this movie. Can she beat Meryl Streep?
  • Best actor in a supporting role: Jonah Hill / The Wolf of Wall Street
    He was better than DiCaprio in this great example of corporate debauchery.
  • Best actress in a supporting role: Lupita Nyong’o / 12 Years a Slave
    Great acting for a role so painfully real.

Let the Oscar night unfold. Enjoy!


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