Proxy domain inquiries on the increase in 2017

Domain inquiries that utilize proxy third parties, are on the increase this year.

Seemingly innocent queries attempt to approach domain owners, on behalf of larger entities.

By using proxy domain buyers, a company can save thousands, sometimes millions of dollars.

Whether these inquiries arrive from professional domain brokers, or other disassociated parties, one thing is certain: they are attempting to lower your maximum ROI.

How does one respond to such inquiries depends on a variety of factors. The first step, is to consider not responding, and await for the party that is really interested to step in.

One might respond requesting the signing of a full disclosure, before releasing any information on pricing.

There are many cases where such requirements will send the other party into silence mode; that, is a good indication that they are indeed working on behalf of a bigger buyer.

For example, if at the beginning of the exchange they were prompt to respond, but once a disclosure or NDA is sought they stop, that’s a sign of a proxy buyer at work.

More and more companies forming require good, meaningful domains for their brands.

As you can only sell your domains once, maximizing your ROI should be your priority, and unveiling the proxy buyer’s intention is a means of achieving just that.

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