Relentlessness : A chief characteristic of the Uniregistry brokers

Closing on a five figure domain deal via Uniregistry’s domain marketplace isn’t new to me; I’ve been using the platform since its beta stages in 2012.

In the past, I raved about the ability that Uniregistry brokers possess to turn dead-end deals into completed sales.

This time around, the domain sold has been under Uniregistry brokerage for the past two years. During that time, I raised the price into the $20k range, frustrated by the buyer’s game of making offers they would not deliver on.

After Uniregistry took over, I simply sat back and pretended I wasn’t aware of the buyer’s continuing antics. I say “pretended,” because on numerous occasions I saw how they reacted to the brokers’ expectations, and I would have not held back my words – the Greek would have lashed out, despite the patience I’ve acquired in my two decades as a domain investor.

It seems that Uniregistry’s brokers acquire an iron clad coating on their digital stomachs; when negotiating, they deflected the nonsense that the buyer threw out regarding the domain’s valuation. By trusting the domain in their hands, I was able to focus on other aspects of my business.

The deal closed unexpectedly, thanks to the hard work of the Uniregistry brokers as a team, and with many thanks to Wesley Martin and Paul Mullen in particular. Wesley championed the deal after almost two years of relentless responses, and Paul popped in to witness the buyer demonstrate an absurd negotiating behavior – at some point using imaginary associates to place offers, or using GoDaddy’s buy service to reach out to me anonymously. handled the financial aspect of the transaction, and once again I’d like to point out how important it is to deal with an escrow company as established as them. Both Uniregistry and validated the buyer’s information, ensuring no “escape” from the deal once it was agreed upon.

I’m grateful to Uniregistry for handling the sale on my behalf, and I highly recommend their domain brokerage services.

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