Sedo pays really, really fast for domain auctions

As a domain investor, when I sell a domain name through a third party platform, I’m eager to get paid for the digital asset I provided, as fast as possible.

Our interconnected world offers a number of monetary exchange platforms that are designed to offer speed, security – and usually not both at the same time.

Several domain exchange platforms offer ACH transfers, that are electronic bank deposits. Other than costing zero in fees, these electronic deposits are extremely fast.

Sedo, a popular domain selling platform I’ve used since 2004, is utilizing ACH transfers to issue payments for its domain auctions.

After completing a couple of successful sales at a recent Sedo auction, I was surprised by the speed and efficiency that these transfers were completed with.

The domain buyers paid the same day, and I initiated transfer of the domains to the Sedo account at Uniregistry. The exchange completed in a matter of hours, and payment notes were issued. Through the ACH transfer, the funds were in my account the following morning. Can’t beat that!

I’m very pleased by the speed and efficiency that Sedo has been handling such transactions. While your mileage might vary, from my personal experience I strongly recommend Sedo for their mature domain auction platform, and the speed of payment via the ACH transfer.

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