could use *your* donation to salvage animals in need

ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, was founded in 1866; it was the first such humane organization in the Western Hemisphere. As humans, we display our true self in how we treat the other species we share Earth with. The dollars you'll be donating to the ASPCA go … [Read more...]

Schools don’t need to teach kids how to code

The brand new initiative at states that "every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code." This statement is signed by 80 or so technocrats, politicians and other so-called 'public figures', that attempt to deliver a convincing reason why schools should teach … [Read more...]

Today is Pearl Harbor day but the American media have forgotten

On December 7th, 1941 the airplanes of Imperial Japan launched a lethal attack against the American fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This attack almost destroyed the entire US fleet, killing 2,402 Americans and leaving 1,282 wounded. It marks the entrance of the US to War World II, an important day … [Read more...]

A eulogy for Dan

The passing away of any individual saddens me, especially if it's someone that I knew. Although Dan Brown and I never met in person, we shared seven years on the DNForum online community. By a strange twist of fate, I was both the first and the last DNForum member to give iTrader feedback to … [Read more...]

Ayrton Senna foundation and movie

The Ayrton Senna Foundation was formed in honor of the late Brazilian Formula 1 racer, Ayrton Senna, by his sister. It has helped millions of disadvantaged children in Brazil, since 1995. A great, moving film, depicting the life and passion of Ayrton Senna, is called "Senna" - filmed in … [Read more...]