New beginnings for the new year

It's almost over - the year 2013, that is. Time to reflect, to assess, to plan ahead. While the year's identification is just a number, the 365 days it contains - give or take a day - is your life. Learn from the previous year's mistakes, and try not to repeat them. Share the lessons you've … [Read more...]

Owned by Google

Google went down. For millions of us in the Civilized World, that was a disaster akin to a nuclear accident - a blinding digital meltdown. I was left stranded downtown, my Google Glass nothing but a useless, expensive piece of plastic; the "Unable to connect" message flashing ominously … [Read more...]

Keep the momentum: Charity works best with strangers

The act of giving to charity and strangers is strongly American. It's not because Americans are rich, it's because collectively they believe in sharing and giving to the needy. Donating one's symbolic dollar, or more, goes a long way; it literally counts. Obviously, we tend to put our family … [Read more...]

Eurofascism – Or, how the stock markets are set for a steep dive on Monday

The recent rally of the financial markets, including the NYSE, might have brought blissful smiles to day traders; but those that trade with skepticism know that what goes up, must come down. Right this minute, the nation of Cyprus is being pillaged financially, with the Germany-guided "troika" … [Read more...]

If you lie, be prepared to be outed as a liar

No promise is set in stone and no deal is closed until the money's in the bank. It's understandable that certain domain deals go south, despite the expectations and promises they were initiated with. As a domain seller, I am respectful of the occasional 'change of heart' by the prospective … [Read more...]