Stolen domains returned to rightful owner

Those of you that had the patience to read through my exceptionally long post about the stolen domain names,, and – should be delighted with the news.

The domains have been returned to their rightful owner, Karl Renaut and are now in his possession and control, as Karl confirmed this to me earlier today.

After directly contacting the winner of to inform him that his wrongful actions would have serious consequences, that gentleman did the right thing and contacted Karl Renaut at Windstream and handed over the domains.

In the process, the advice of expert IP attorney Marc Randazza was utilized and I’m glad this is a case where justice and logic prevailed.


  1. Great work! Even if the thief did something very wrong, it’s good to see he has a conscience after all…

  2. wow that was fast.
    The guy paid what, $2600 for a shot a lot more.
    Gamble failed.
    Fairness was done here.

  3. “Great work! Even if the thief did something very wrong, it’s good to see he has a conscience after all…”

    In this case I would argue that it was more self preservation then conscience. He knew he was screwed if he tried to keep it.

  4. Whatever the real reasons, at least he didn’t drag it out. “All’s Well That Ends Well” as Shakespeare wrote 😀

  5. Had it not been for your diligent report, work and so called exceptionally long post (which did provide the necessary background and ‘justification’ behind your thoughts and efforts), do you honestly think such a positive outcome would have been forthcoming?

    Go ahead, pat yourself on the back and bask in the glory of a job well done!

  6. I had found your post very instructive: I am sure it made several people aware of a potential risk many had never thought about. Glad to read the pressure worked and the thief had to give the domain names back!

  7. Redial – You are very kind to say that.

  8. Atul kumar says

    faithful service!


  9. Great job! I was also tracking that thread and thought on taking in to public but you were quicker!

    good to see these scammers get stopped.


  10. Former employee says

    Yup, I see this is old hat news, but I just want to say thank you for helping out a former employer/friend of ours. and add in a little backdrop of how, It was a great pleasure working for Karl and his wife,

    Southeast Network Services DBA Leading Network Solutions, we had a small, robust, and highly intellectual group of coworkers. The business karl started as a hobby, transversing from BBS to ISP in his home, eventually to become a small business with office front in downtown Jacksonville, and several co-location facilities throughout the state, and finally to acquire/merge other businesses of the same throughout the state. It was really hard to believe how quick the popularity of the internet was booming, and how quick the business was expanding.

    A lot of people never knew it but when DSL deployed in the Jacksonville area, you had 1 of 2 companies to get it from initially, Bellsouth or , that was it (roadrunner wasn’t heard of yet)

    I thoroughly enjoyed working with Karl and the rest of our team. But I really enjoyed learning from him, He is truly a savant in the technology field. so there I was sitting on phone support, watching, maybe kill lunchtime to oversee him set up a new billing software, database, web server etc. next thing you know im helping get the bills out, and eventually managing the DNS for all his clients. I don’t think Karl will ever truly know exactly how much I looked up to him. In fact when it was time for me to move on I went to work for a corporation he’d previously worked for.

    Working at was an amazing time and experience, literally a small group no more than 20, most on days, some support staff coming in and working at night shift.

    I even made a comment to Karl’s wife one day, that in all honesty it never seemed like going to work, more so going to help out a friend. We weren’t so much as coworkers as a small extended family, looking back, they could’ve stopped paying me and idve still showed up everyday, it was really that great of a place to be.

    Every member had their nitch and everyone melded together to make an amazing team that I still miss to this day. ( Acro if your still around, read into the details and hit me up on email. The name above doesn’t give much but my email address certainly should give you an idea of who this is.)

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