Find the right BIN price for your domains

When you rely on inquiries to sell your domain names, it's important to price your domains right. Naturally, the most popular option is to leave that field open, waiting for offers. By doing so, you are inviting inquiries with various quotes, some of which undervalue the domain by far … [Read more...]

Flippa and the ever-shifting domain BIN price

A few weeks ago, I noted how most active domain auction venues lack one thing in common: the ability to display the annual cost for renewing the domain. Kevin Fink was the only one that contacted me privately on the matter, to assure me that Flippa takes notice and many improvements are slated … [Read more...]

Never set a BIN price for your domain names

Selling your domain names on a venue with a fixed, "BIN" price opens up a can of worms. Not only you're disclosing the price to the public, particularly on Sedo, but you're also risking getting much less money that what the domain might be worth. Setting a BIN price supposedly generates more … [Read more...]