Domain negotiation : Dealing with the buyer’s limited budget

When negotiating on a domain sale, one of the most challenging moments is when the interested party declares the domain as being beyond their budget. Depending on the domain's valuation, you might have the ability to offer the asset at a discount. However, it's best not to do that right away, … [Read more...]

Domain inquiries : The two-spear attack and how to win it

Having closed on yet another five figure domain sale, I'm confident with discussing an incoming inquiry strategy, and how to win it. The "two-spear attack" is an attempt to get a domain, facilitated by the same party by submitting two offers of varied size. It can most definitely be extended … [Read more...]

Two people, one company : A fun negotiation technique

It's not rare for inquiries to arrive in waves, for the same domain name. Perhaps the domain became popular overnight thanks to the news, or a technological breakthrough. Researching one's domain prior to sending out a quote, is a must. What is rare, however, is for two or more people from … [Read more...]