DNS templates: a lifesaver at Fabulous.com

Recently I had to change the CNAME records for several domains in order to point them to an online venue. In the past I used eNom but as I moved the majority of my domains to Fabulous.com I wasn't familiar with their bulk tools. Fabulous offers a DNS Template feature, that allows you to apply … [Read more...]

Fabulous.com – It’s not simply a registrar, it’s a religion!

While onto the 3rd year of using Fabulous.com as my primary domain registrar, I can't but praise the Australian company for their efficiency and support. Fabulous.com offers paramount domain security and they are proud of their ability to offer the famous Fabulous fob, which I enjoyed reviewing a … [Read more...]

Update: 2,500 WHOIS Queries

A little over a month ago I posted about how a domain name that I own received 2,500 WHOIS queries at the Registrar, Fabulous.com In a nutshell, Fabulous.com keeps track of the number of WHOIS lookups for domains registered with them and lists those numbers alongside the domain's expiration date, … [Read more...]

2,500 WHOIS Queries

One of the benefits of using Fabulous.com as my primary domain registrar is the ability to instantly track the number of WHOIS queries a domain receives. With the proliferation of aftermarket services, domains are often polled and queried; that's an indication of popularity that can be used as a … [Read more...]

Fly Fabulous: the Business class Registrar

I've been using Fabulous.com as my primary domain registrar for two years now; it was a choice that was made despite having had a long term commitment to eNom. As I've reviewed the features of domainer-grade registrars in the past and presented the extensive level of security Fabulous.com … [Read more...]