First look at the new has relaunched its web site, under the Directnic group of brands. The newly redesigned web site introduces an established domain industry brand, using a modern design approach. What has changed? For starters, it's mobile-friendly, which is great in this time and era. … [Read more...]

How to do bulk domain transfers out of

After several years of using, I made the decision to bid them farewell. My decision was based on several parameters, including providing timely responsiveness to tickets, which declined in recent years. Another issue has been the non-reversal of DNS settings upon renewing a domain … [Read more...] : DNS changes remain after expired domains get renewed

I've been using Fabulous as one of my trusted domain registrars, thanks to the great work and persona of Mike Robertson, who worked there until a few years ago. Over the course of several years, I've retained Fabulous thanks to their strong domain management back-end, two factor authentication … [Read more...]

Domain Purgatory exists : Just ask, Fabulous and Verisign

I'm not a Catholic, so quick disclaimer: the reference to a "Purgatory" does not intend to offend, nor is intentionally religious. Going by the definition of Purgatory: "A place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven." Very … [Read more...]

I just paid eNom to add funds at Fabulous!

It's surreal and funny at the same time; I just deposited $100 into my account in order to renew some domains. Most of the time, I pay with a credit card, but on occasion I've deposited funds via PayPal. When the email receipt came back, it said that the recipient of the funds was … [Read more...]