The single Best Thing about GoDaddy

We all have our preferred domain registrars and sometimes we even change our preference, depending on customer experience. GoDaddy is the registrar that I used in 2000, once the dreaded Network Solutions monopoly was broken by a handful of registrars. Back then, they were lightweight and offered … [Read more...]

How I saved GoDaddy in 2001

GoDaddy is the biggest domain registrar today, with 40 million domain names under their control. Bob Parsons started small but by 2001 they were already growing by leaps and bounds, having thousands of customers. Having registered my first domains with GoDaddy in December of 2000, it didn't … [Read more...]

Does GoDaddy endorse Obama?

Let's face it: you've seen the various endorsements that media and organizations have provided the Democrat candidate, Barack Obama with. It looks like Obama is heading towards a steadfast landslide victory on November 4th. There are lots of domains and web sites that do the same type of endorsement … [Read more...]

Domains and Divorce: Until Registrars do us part

Forget about wedding oaths: they exist in order to be broken. People are not computers that obey to strict code commands, without ever changing their behavior, opinions and preferences. People get married and quite often, they get divorced. A lot of married people are domain owners, or a lot of … [Read more...]