MERGE! 2018 in Orlando is coming up

MERGE! 2018 is coming up in Orlando, Florida; the conference spans September 14-19 with a full agenda. The core of the conference begins on Sunday, September 15th, and lasts until Tuesday, September 18th. That's when most domain investors and other industry professionals are expected to … [Read more...]

MERGE! 2017 – My thoughts and feedback attending the conference

MERGE! 2017 in Orlando, Florida was the first local domain-related conference I attended, since TRAFFIC in 2008. Being local, isn't an advantage, necessarily. In fact, a fellow domain investor from Orlando, stayed at the venue, as opposed to driving 45-60 minutes to the Disney resort area, as … [Read more...]

Time to get out of the domainer village

Nine years ago I attended TRAFFIC 2008 in Orlando; the event was great, and I was able to finally meet people I only knew online until then. As a web and graphics developer, I felt that there was one thing missing, and that was the ability to see how my services intersected the needs of other … [Read more...]