Ten years already: My extended testimonial about Escrow.com

Owen Frager made an eye-opening post yesterday, about generic domains – and how corporate procedures and bureaucratic minds can make or break a brand.

My personal testimonial about Escrow.com, as used in Owen’s article, was as follows:

“For almost a decade, Escrow.com has remained the champion service with regards to domain acquisitions and sales. Fast, efficient and affordable, it has always delivered the goods for me – every single time. Acroplex LLC.”

Obviously, it was written with shortness in mind and I’d like to expand a little on my experience with Escrow.com, particularly after Andee Hill of Escrow.com was so kind to personally thank me for that quote. I only stated the truth, albeit in a condensed format.

I conducted my first Escrow.com transaction in late 2002, selling a domain to an Austrian buyer in Germany. Even back then, the efficiency of the process was outstanding, and I received my payment via mail ten days after the transaction started.

In 2005, I achieved my first five figure sale using Escrow.com and followed that same feat several times in the years that followed. What I love about Escrow.com is its system of communication about a particular transaction; I never faced any issues with the way things flowed.

Naturally, there are people behind the “machines”; the few times that I needed to get in touch with Escrow.com support, I was able to get answers very promptly from the tech support, through email or over the phone. It seems that the main issue these days was when the faxing of credentials came through too dark on the other end! 😀

As I move towards a full decade of service use, I value Escrow.com as an indispensable transaction tool and I recommend it to all domain investors who want to engage in a transaction that will prove to be smooth and efficient for both parties.


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