Thank you, Veterans

Today’s day marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day; the decisive moment in history that changed the route of World War II.

Although other battles cost many more lives, the beachhead of D-Day allowed the Allies to shrink the stronghold of the powers of the Axis and begin the liberation of Europe.

I grew up knowing no grandfathers, thanks to the brutality of the war.

As a kid, my great-uncle, a war veteran, shared stories from the front. They painted a picture of courage, perseverance, strength and kindness. The latter, towards a disheveled enemy, that was still human and in need of a humane treatment when befallen.

In the seventy years that have passed since D-Day, I am still in awe of these soldiers that risked their lives to establish a landing platform on the French beaches. Those that lost their lives on D-Day never got to experience the jubilation that arrives after the triumph of winning. And in this case, winning was in the name of the entire humanity, not just against the Axis powers.

Many of these war veterans alive today won’t see another anniversary, as they are well into their 90’s. As old men and women, they carry within a psyche that combines the dreams and nightmares of another era.

We cannot and should not and will not forget their contribution, for we are alive today – thanks to them.

Thank you, Veterans.

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