Thank you, Steve Jobs

I’ll save analyzing the dozens of reasons why the former Apple CEO is one of the top technology visionaries of the 20th century.

This is about how Steve Jobs has treated me and my company, Acroplex LLC when I contacted them a month ago about a trademark violation by a third party on iTunes.

Unlike other companies such as Facebook and Amazon, Apple’s response to my request to take down a violator from their marketplace was positive and virtually instant.

The Apple culture might seem distant and artificial to some – even to me, a professed non-Apple fan. I don’t own any Apple gear, gadgets or software. I don’t like iTunes or QuickTime. Still, I respect the largest company in the world, even more so now that they’ve shown that they respect the little guy, me.

Being able to talk to a real person, at the corporate legal department – let alone, on the phone instead of exchanging numerous customer ticket updates – is a big plus. The counsel I spoke to was cordial, professional and showed politeness and understanding that I have yet to experience elsewhere.

Long story short: I will be using Apple’s action and response as an example, as the battle continues with Amazon, Facebook and a couple of other online vendors to take down unauthorized material that violates my trademark.

Thank you Apple, and thank you Steve Jobs.



  1. What is it that violates your trademark? Did you write a book, or some code or something else or were they using the term Acroplex?

    This is curious to me.

    I appreciate the tribute. Today is a sad day for many.


  2. Troy – It will all be revealed in due time. Let’s just say Apple is the only large (the largest, actually) company that responded positively, setting the example.

    Indeed, today’s a sad day for many.

  3. You should have been a policeman or Batman as much as you police the internet

  4. Shane – I’m far too real to be a superhero. On the subject of trademarks, I definitely police mine.

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