Thoughts on the Radio Shack domain list and auction

After all these years, Radio Shack is being liquidated.

The auction for the Radio Shack portfolio of domain names is being handled by Hilco Streambank; the domain list includes 296 domain names.

For a potential brand buyer, the domains related to the Radio Shack name are definitely part of the IP assets that go with the name and assorted trademark.

A large enough suitor will most likely place a bid on the entire domain portfolio, while a smaller one might pick those that contain the Radio Shack name only.

Meanwhile, as there is no bidding minimum and individual offers are being considered, domain investors might want to take a look at those domains that do not contain the Radio Shack brand.

Here are my favorites from the list:

  • – Huge generic that applies to many industries, from automotive and aerospace, to hedge funds and power drinks. Registered in 1994.
  • – Great brand for batteries and power. Registered in 2005.
  • – When mega hardware is not big enough, giga will do the job. Registered in 2004.
  • – Yet another great name with a positive meaning. Registered in 2003.
  • – Superb brand for office equipment, financial organizations or controversial talk shows. Registered in 2000.
  • – The company that became Radio Shack. If you’re a child of the 70’s and early 80’s you probably remember their computers. This is the #49th domain ever registered, on December 11th, 1986.

To qualify for the auction, one must place a bid by 5:00 PM Eastern today.


  1. Thanks for the list, I am interested in two of them.

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