Tonight, go see a movie

I’ve been reading the testimonies of victims of the horrific attack in Aurora, Colorado. Twelve people were killed and dozens more were wounded, when an armed person in tactical gear broke into a movie theater, during the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.

The chaos, horror and human loss experienced in such an event, is indescribable. Among the innocent that almost lost their lives, was one that was not mentioned, but was severely wounded.


When fear settles in, freedom as we know it is lost. Fear makes us hunker down and hide, changes our habits and alienates us from what we enjoy doing.

The only way to tackle fear, is to look at it – face on.

So tonight, go see a movie. It’s your freedom that has been wounded, and she deserves to live.



  1. Agreed. That’s the ultimate objective of any terrorists…to change our way of life.

    The evil murderer needs to be quickly trial and be executed. That’s the only way to stop terrors.

  2. The first half of the movie really sucked…

    So I walked out and missed the second half on opening night…

    Then friends told me that the second half of the movie was awesome so I watched the whole thing all over again…

    Not bad…much more action in the last half of the movie!

    Best movies they have playing right now is “Ted” and “Savages” and “Magic Mike” for the single ladies!

  3. Poor Uncle – Tragedies bring people together and such incidents need an explicit response: that fear won’t settle in.

    Anunt – Thanks. Not a fan of the Batman series, personally.

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