TRAFFIC awards: Finally, some recognition to those that deserve it

Last year, I posted the TRAFFIC 2012 Awards as individual videos. I deserve a slap for shooting the videos vertically, I know. It won’t happen, next time.

This year, Vincent of Vin’s Domains did a great job tweeting the awards live, as he did with the TRAFFIC auction results as well.

Great job, Vincent!

Regarding this year’s winners, I am happy to see some people in the domain industry receive the recognition they deserved all along.

My TRAFFIC 2013 ballot was posted in late August, so let’s compare it to the results.

Best new monetizing solution:
I voted for Domain Name Sales, that actually won this year’s award. Check!

Best overall domain solution:
My vote went to Domain Name Sales, once again, and this time Sedo was the winner. Old habits die hard.

The “We get it” award:
I voted for Fashion Metric, a paradigm of entrepreneurship by an industry associate – Morgan Linton and his wife, Daina. Amazon won, and I’m baffled by the result.

Developer of the Year:
My vote went to Bill Kara(mouzis), who has an established track record with successful development of enterprises. Michael Cyger won the award, and although I’m not familiar with his development other than Domain Sherpa, I will now check it out. Congratulations, Mike.

Domain broker of the year:
I voted for Dave Evanson of Sedo, who did some remarkable sales last year. The winner, Negar Hajikhani, won the award; I had the pleasure of meeting her during SedoPRO in Boston, in 2010.

Best domain blog:
For the second year in a row, I voted for Kevin Murphy and his Domain Incite, but good old industry behemoth Ron Jackson won it, for DNJournal. Sorry Kevin, maybe next year!

Sponsor of the year:
My vote went to the domain industry’s best associated service, Somehow, Jean Claude Van Damme did the splits over two sacks of flour and won it for GoDaddy. Boo!

Domainer of the year:
I voted for Frank Schilling, aware that three time’s a charm but four time’s a true recognition of a man’s worth. Like Alexander the Great, Frank’s too large for this humble industry. Some said his jersey now needs to be retired, as we ran out of hats! Either way, the future looks bigger and better, with Uniregistry assuming a key role in the roll-out of gTLDs.

Bandit Berkens Goodwill Ambassador award:
At the time the award was started, last year, I had yet to lose a dog and yet the ceremony, captured on video, was a tear-jerker. Everyone wept. Early this year, I lost my corgi Benny from a quick illness and I now know how important it is to project our best selves through love and care for the animals. I voted for Gregg McNair, for his humanitarian efforts and I would have liked Jodi Chamberlain to win along with Gregg. 🙂

Domain Hall of Fame:
My vote for Igal Licthman was a pledge to the friend and mentor that he was, and an official recognition of his kindness. He is now in the domainer Hall of Fame, a spot he earned along with Jeff Gabriel of Domain Name Sales.

Congratulations to those that won, and to those that were nominated. You make domaining a better place.



  1. I appreciate the support, Acro 🙂

  2. “Finally, some recognition to those that deserve it”. This takes time. The reality is that there are a LOT of people (particularly those outside the USA) who do a LOT of good work. For example, Francois at Having said that, I believe Ron Jackson certainly deserves that award. Maybe next year Kevin?

  3. Congratulations, Kevin. I enjoy your blogs.

  4. Congrats to the winners, be persistent for the others!

  5. steve cheatham says

    Tell it like it is. IMHO winning once should be your reconigition. BUT this Industry moves so fast that a yearly roundup includes a lot of the same names for new accomplishments. Kudos to the winners and nominees.

  6. Congratulations to the winners.. Well deserved guys & girls 🙂

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