TRAFFIC ballot: Let women take the lead

There is no doubt that every industry is male dominated due to an artificial imbalance caused by our very own society. This does not mean women professionals aren’t as good, it means they aren’t given equal opportunities to show their skills in a professional setting that respects and emphasizes their contribution.

It’s as simple as that.

Women in domaining are mostly left unappreciated for their contributions, engagement with the community and overall acknowledgment. It happens for many reasons, one of which is failure to admit the existence of this very discrepancy.

The TRAFFIC 2014 / Miami ballot presents a unique opportunity to make a statement and recognize women in the domain industry.

For this reason, I will be providing an all-female ballot to TRAFFIC, and I invite everyone else to nominate female professionals in the domain industry, making their ballot fair and balanced with at least 50% females nominated.

As I’ve done every year, I will disclose my nominations once the deadline passes.

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