Uniregistry App : Very useful, very dangerous

During last year’s summer, I had to drag along an aged laptop to the beach house, just to keep up to the release of previously reserved domains.

When typing on an old VAIO was not possible, I used my Samsung Galaxy S3, another aged relic, to log into my Uniregistry account.

It took a lot of squinting, zooming in and fat-finger typing to register the domains I wanted. It wasn’t a pleasant experience at all.

Fast forward to this year, and what a difference a year makes.

Although I still have that stocky VAIO, my LG G4 provides more power and visual real estate. I can get more things done.

But truth be told, it’s all Uniregistry’s “fault.”

Uniregistry unveiled its app for iOS devices during NamesCon in January.

At the time, I was excited seeing Frank Schilling and others tap away on their iPhones; I was hoping that the Android version would follow within days, but it took much longer than expected.

A few weeks ago, I joined the Android beta testing team and was able to see for myself how well it delivered the functions the web version provides.

I’m impressed by the amount of work that the Uniregistry App programmers put into it, in a few short weeks since I joined the beta. Finding bugs, UX flow errors, typos or other issues was a fun experience.

You can thank me for the addition of a “stay logged in” feature, although I simply asked for it. The kudos belongs to the programming team that rolled out an app that is both very useful, and very dangerous.

How so?

I can now lay in bed, and instead of playing another round of Words with Friends, I find myself registering domains, with a few taps.

The Uniregistry App makes things dangerously easy. Instead of clicking around on the desktop or laptop, you can perform the same tasks on your Android app, during downtime.

Lunch will never be the same boring experience, ever again.

So if you’re not over the Pokemon craze already, do yourself a favor and instead of chasing those cartoon characters, do some real, productive work using your Uniregistry App, now available at the Google Store.

You won’t regret it.

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