Uniregistry : Payouts are faster, cheaper with Tipalti

Having just completed my first domain sale using Tipalti, the new payout processor for Uniregistry, I’m about to share my experience.

When negotiations take a while to complete, the last thing one needs is some additional delay with the delivery of the final “check.”

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case; less than 36 hours after the five figure sale closed, the funds were in my account. I received a notification email from “GoDaddy and affiliate brands” letting me know that payment had taken place.

Using Tipalti and direct deposits, payments are “instant” and the funds are available in full, minus a commission of 90 cents. That’s nothing compared to the $15 – $20 dollar wire fee when Uni Market sales were paid via the Cayman Islands.

GoDaddy is using the same processor for Afternic, a move that aligns Uniregistry to a single point of support, if needed.

Updating your payment processor, both for PPC earnings and sales payouts at Uniregistry is easy; just get hold of your banking info first and fill out the forms. Any pre-existing banking info at Uniregistry is not transferred over automatically, neither for PPC or domain sales payouts.

The one thing left to improve now is the mostly manual process existing between the Uni Market brokerage and the Afternic operators.

Sometimes it takes a day or two to get a direct response and many times broker phone numbers or full names even are not available. It’s the price one pays for connecting two existing systems for a transitional period of time.

I’m glad Uni Market and GoDaddy switched to using Tipalti and hope to see more such “instant” payouts in the future.


  1. Theo, do you know if Tipalti’s invoice processing includes human in the loop automation? I’ve been looking a lot of places and have found other software that include this feature (https://www.bisok.com/solution/invoice-automation/ is one). If Tipalti doesn’t have it, do you know other options that do something similar? My department is looking at several solutions. Thank you for your help

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