Update: Domain Name Sales tackles remaining issues

Three issues I shared in a post about Domain Name Sales yesterday, were addressed with record speed.

All three glitches most likely affected everyone’s domain portfolios, and while they were random in their occurrence they were also frustrating.

It seems that a caching server exists between what one sees in the back-end, while editing their domain portfolio, and the live content.

The latter, syncs with the domain portfolio setting after so many minutes have passed. Apparently, there was a disconnect between the two that is now being worked on.

The intermittent loss of syncing can be witnessed when, for example, one edits the casing of their domain, or re-allocates the domain to different categories or portfolios, and there is no update in the next minute or two in the live domain.

I’m definitely grateful that Domain Name Sales addresses and resolves issues quickly. Now how about that Android version of the Uniregistry app? 😛



  1. It would be good if on the main screen of the platform if there could be checkboxes that could be ticked to perform bulk functions such as bulk ignore, or bulk not sold.

    There are alot of confused souls out there, and confused inquiries are very rampant right now, to physically go in, and react to each one is very time consuming.

    Also I have an issue with brokers on unsuccessful sales, telling potential buyers to go hand register a domain at a so called registry. I know most of these sales won’t convert, but even if 1% does, I don’t think it is a corrective action.

  2. Android is coming! (really) And we’re working on the fix for the caching issue.

    Keep the issues coming!

  3. Kris – I agree that there are ways to improve many functions. I’m more concerned with things that break, and in this case this was an important function loss.

    Hopefully some of the features you mention will be part of the new integrated Uniregistry Market.

  4. I will add that I’ve transferred over 300 domains to Uniregistry in past few months and have been very pleased with their pricing and features.

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