Water: Up to 75% of your body is H2O

While exact numbers might differ between persons and during different times of one’s life, up to 75% of the human body is water.

A person can survive several weeks without food, but on average, no more than 7-10 days without water to drink.

Water quality is one of the large remaining challenges around the world.

In underdeveloped countries, located primarily in Africa and Asia, a large percentage of the population lives off very small quantities of potable water.

While you and I have the luxury of drinking cool, filtered water off our refrigerator, these people rely on infested, polluted and plain “dirty” water on a daily basis.

Personally, I dislike the taste of tap water. I can’t imagine, what it’d be like to drink water from a stagnant source, both visibly and microscopically polluted. Clearly, this is not how one should live by.

Water School, a non-profit organization that enables the residents of impoverished nations to gain access to clean, potable and pollutant-free water, is one of these causes that rely on everyone’s goodwill, commitment and support.

Your donation of one dollar, or more, goes a long way; and if you can’t take my word for it, you can inquire about it by contacting Jodi Chamberlain and Gregg McNair, who are both committed to supporting this incredible human cause daily.

By giving your excess funds to the Water School, you are helping provide quality water for other human beings around the world.

It’s as simple as H2O.


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