100.org and the 100% Campaign launching in New York

I’ve been privileged to have sold one of my best domains, 100.org, to a great cause.

The transaction completed last year, and gave the chance to a great, celebrity-backed campaign about 100% renewable energy to be born.

The Solutions Project has now pushed forward for the 100% campaign with its pilot location, New York.


It’s definitely very exciting for me to witness what used to be a simple numeric domain being transformed into an environmental spearhead that aims at benefiting millions of people around the US, and hopefully, the world.

The campaign is using the hashtag #100isNow on twitter, and my first action after following them was to alert them to register the matching .com, 100isNow.com. While any brand can sit on any TLD, ccTLD or gTLD, hashtags used for mottos, bylines or promotions are advised to be secured in the most widely used TLD, dot .com.

As an added bonus, The Solutions Project co-founder, Mark Ruffalo appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart yesterday, and you can skip to 3:40 or so for the reference to the 100% campaign and what it’s all about.

When selling domain names one should definitely take into consideration the dynamics of the sale as it applies to actual use; I am honored to have engaged with The Solutions Project and I wholeheartedly support their 100% renewable energy movement.


  1. I happen to own hundred.us 🙂

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