A Matter of Trust

There is something that I detest losing more than money, and that’s time.

Time comes in the form of dedication of energy, creativity and personal essence, to pursue or achieve something, or assist someone.

The amount of time dedicated to assist a person is tied even more to a number of personal events.

When these events get disqualified all of a sudden, due to an unlikely behavior that sprouts out of nowhere, then that’s when I get upset.

When trust gets broken.

Over the weekend, a legendary thread at DNForum.com unveiled that a person posing as a hard-working entrepreneur and domain broker, has been scamming people in the past, the present and – unless stopped, the future.

The tip of the iceberg broke through when someone did a lot of digging into that person’s past, which involved dealings with the law, broken promises and funds that were never returned to their rightful owners. The thread continued on with the contribution of at least a dozen people who unveiled what hid behind the smiling face of the person who has defrauded a large number of individuals at least since 2006 and who has 10 appearances at court over the past 10 years.

When trust gets broken, two things happen: the initial denial becomes anger, and the amount of trust available for the next person in line gets diminished. It’s like personal relationships that involve cheating; you don’t get to trust easily after that.


  1. Unfortunately these scams are over a period of time which make them harder to detect and just as hard to recover from.

  2. Acro,

    You make such a good point. While I haven’t been scammed in about 6-12 months now, I have had my share of dealings with scammers over the years.

    I love your point about denial turning into anger. I get EXTREMELY aggrevated and frustrated by scammers. I run my companies and everything else I put my hands on with the highest of ethical behaviour. I expect nothing short of the same from the companies I deal with on a daily basis.

    The only thing aside from exposing such scammers is to keep chugging along. Do your best to feel 100% comfortable with new business relationships before enstilling your trust. If you end up getting burned, try and learn something from the situation so you can try and avoid such situations down the road.

    Once again, wonderful entry. I enjoy reading passion behind a post.

  3. I feel pretty upset, too. However, it makes me bring people I know who are my true friends even closer to my heart in appreciation.

    You and others did a great job doing what needed to be done. A+ , Acro.

  4. Andrea Rouleau says

    Thank you for posting.

    I couldn’t agree more. Starlita scrapes the bottom of the barrel when it comes to cheating and scamming.

    I am STILL awaiting money owed. It’s been well over 7 months. After trying to cash a check that bounced, many, many months of excuses, empty promises, one of my personal favourites – Starlita was the victim of a scam – and even threats, her debt has not been paid.

    Starlita Similien, Star Similien, Alison Gurani, whatever she calls herself these days – she has provided every excuse available.
    The latest one now is a money order that just can’t seem to find its way into the mail.


    I just hope sites like these assist those who do their homework to check up on scammers like Starlita BEFORE they consider any business dealings whatsoever.

    Thank you again Acro.

  5. Andrea, as someone who is owed money to by Patty Similien, have you filed a police report?

  6. I have come in contact with this person lately.. I can assure you she now goes by the name Jamie Alison.
    Her time will come

  7. last laugh says

    she does in fact go by Jamie Alison. I own my own business, and she contacted me about consulting to start up her own. I’m playing along without giving her any info just to collect evidence. She’ll get hers. Does anyone know what her LEGAL name is??

  8. Lynne Fackler says

    Her birth given name is:
    Starlita Patrice SImilien 10/07/1980
    She is currently being held in a Florida jail for playing the attorney scam.
    She is being sentanced on 8/27/12 in Florida and after she does her time; Texas State authorities will be looking forward to her return so she can do some time for the crimes she has done there–and hold onthats not all-Washington-Oregon and california might want a piece of her to.

  9. Lynne Fackler says

    Starlita was arrested in Florida on 7/11/2012 under the name of Andrea J Deluca

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