: A domain from 1989 that you can own right now!

When I acquired a decade ago, it was already pushing past puberty.

Registered in 1989, this remarkably aged domain name represents an era that predates both the commercial Internet, and the World Wide Web.

Now at the ripe age of 29 years old, has never expired, and carries its July 5th, 1989 registration date with pride.

So what are “algorists” and are they related to Al Gore, the self-professed father of Information Superhighway?

Algorists are algorithmic artists, a fine group of people that create art with the assistance of computer programs. With AI pushing to take over many aspects of everyday life, art is already redefined by software and calculations performed by computers.

The domain is being offered for sale for just a few days, with a very reasonable reserve price.

It’s a domain name that sits almost at the top 0.000001% of all 136 million .com domains, in terms of age. In July of 2019 it will turn 30 years old, another milestone.

Check it out on Flippa.

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