Getting the right offer : A waiting game worth playing

Earlier this week I closed on yet another domain sale on the Uniregistry market platform. The agreement was reached last week, but a small glitch caused a short delay with the buyer's funds at Uniregistry. This single word .ORG domain was registered in 1999 and I acquired it a decade ago on … [Read more...] : A domain from 1989 that you can own right now!

When I acquired a decade ago, it was already pushing past puberty. Registered in 1989, this remarkably aged domain name represents an era that predates both the commercial Internet, and the World Wide Web. Now at the ripe age of 29 years old, has never expired, and … [Read more...]

Short and aged domains wanted – Budget $xx – $xxx

Very rarely - if ever - do I post twice on the same day. But a "domains wanted" thread over at DNForum made me scramble enough material for yet another domain-related rant. What the heck, it's also Friday. So when a buyer posts about their budget being in the "$xx - low $xxx" range, one would … [Read more...]